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Judas Iscariot -  His Fate in the beyond 

“Oh Jesus, if only you had stayed, I would have somehow found my way!” It did not occur to him that he could have stayed with Jesus. So he got up and walked around in this deep darkness. He bumped into the cross on which the Master had hung, clung to it with tears of pain, and said to himself: “Yes, this is where you must end; it was by your own doing. Here is where I must suffer for my foolishness. Oh, I thought I acted in the right way, but woe to me. Woe, I think it will do me in! Oh, Lord Jesus, is that your forgiving love, that I will find your cross to which I nailed you unwittingly? Oh who will give me consolation in this dark state of mine, consolation as well as light? [I am] alone in this darkness with the cross as my accuser. Oh what will become of me? Is there no one to help me?”

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