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If the reader should assume that messages, including personal messages, are devoid of spiritual worth because it has been written two hundred years ago to people long deceased, the translator reminds the reader that many a great spiritual principle is found in parables. Whether the circumstances, the culture, the people themselves are unknown to the reader or not, whether the characters used in parables are real or not, it is the inherent spiritual message that gives worth to what was written

In this compilation of messages, many principles for human personal, civil, family and occupational life as well as about creation and historical realities are hidden. Many political circumstances of then could just as well have been today, since darkness is not creative in it's tactics - hence Father's children can glean much codes of conduct from His answers given to Lorber and his company at that time. 

Some of these conversations were the introductions and the beginnings the main and peripheral works dictated to Lorber, hence much context, validity and background can be found here. In reading these messages and conversations with the heart rather than with a critical, literal mind, will prove to be of great spiritual value, since our Father does not waste words.

May the reader be blessed.
The translation team.

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