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Jakob Lorber biography and work

Jakob Lorber was born on July 22, 1800 in Kanischa (close to Maribor, Slovenia, Europe), unknown time.  Jakob Lorber was born on July 22, 1800 on the left bank of the River Drau amidst vineyards, in the Village of Kanischa, in the Parish of Jahring, where his father Michael Lorber ...

The Great Gospel of John

God is a true God, a loving Father who has never failed to reveal His will to men. Also during the past almost 2000 years His revelations have kept flowing to individual recipients, to men and women who loved Him deeply with all their being and were thus capable of receiving His Word, either through visions or through the Inner Word, or both. These mystics and seers received the pure divine teaching and it was their task to spread it and thereby restore the original teaching to its former purity. But they did not succeed because people's minds were held captive through fear and ignorance, and only few benefitted from the divine revelations. ...

Household of God 1

Household of God 2

The childhood of Jesus

Three days in temple

New Revelation of Jesus Christ given to Jakob Lorber First Edition 1932 (Luke 2:46-50): “After 3 days they finally found Him, sitting in the temple amidst the teachers, listening to them and also asking questions to them. And all of them who listened to Him were astonished at His ...

7 words on the cross

FOREWORD This booklet “The 7 Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross” was received in 1863 by the inner voice of the Spirit and written down in Graz by Antonie Grossheim, a woman who belonged to the group of friends of the great mystic and servant of God, Jakob Lorber. Further ...

Beyond the threshold

Bishop Martin


Earth and moon

Judas Iscariot

Pauls letter to Assemly in Laodicea


Secrets of life

Sermons of the Lord

The fly

The whale of Jonah

The healing pover of the sunlight