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A Fresh Reading of Swedenborgs Kyriology

Lorber is now to be represented as a Swedenborgian. That he would be more than just that, will have to be demonstrated in the following section. Here, however, we will leave him reduced to the Swedenborgian contents in his writings; here, he is to appear as a follower of  Swedenborg, who, as appertains to such follower, solely and exclusively retells the thoughts  of his master. In terms of structure, the Swedenborgian reception layer in the new revelation  by Lorber will unfold as closely parallel as possible to my presentation of the main features of  Swedenborgian Kyriology, to visualise the agreement between Swedenborg and Lorber in this  manner as well. I will, however, have to point out minor differences now and then in this section already, especially if the quotations selected suggest so.

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