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  This booklet “The 7 Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross” was received in 1863 by the inner voice of the Spirit and written down in Graz by Antonie Grossheim, a woman who belonged to the group of friends of the great mystic and servant of God, Jakob Lorber.
  Further details of Antonie Grossheim can be found in the short, interesting biography “Jakob Lorber”, written by Lorber’s friend Karl Gottfried Ritter von Leitner.
  According to him, Antonie Grossheim was owner of a house in Graz and happily used her earthly possessions to perform good deeds. She was convinced about the profound writings of Jakob Lorber. She often supported the writer of God who lived in poverty.


1 My child, listen. You will write a book, as a sign that it is the same to Me who I choose as instrument or who I select as carrier of My Word. Because not the great ones or intellectuals will experience what it means to be the Lord’s instrument. Also I say to you that you still will have much to suffer and to bear. But do not worry, I will be at your side.”
2  (As reaction to the thoughts of doubt of the writer regarding the question whether what she heard was truly coming from the Lord or could subconsciously come from her own soul): “I want to prove to you, skeptic soul, that it is I, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, who write through your hand. Yes, I am writing Myself. And I want you to have love and trust. Therefore, believe now and trust.
3  I, your God and Father of eternity, command you thefollowing: you should from now on dedicate one hour every day in the evening, by which I will dictate to you by means of your pen what I will announce to the world. Fear not, for I Myself am with you.”


1  You, My children, who are bound by sin and continue to dream in the sleep of your worldly senses, hear My words that I, as the only Lord of eternity, am revealing through the mouth of a virgin that I selected.
2  The time of the prediction of the prophets of the Old Testament, as well as what the seers have predicted about Me, was fulfilled with My former coming on your Earth. And now again the time has come that I predicted during My earthly life, when I said: There will be a time on Earth when even My elected ones would leave Me if it were allowed by My. But I am taking care of this (that this extreme thing will not happen to My children).
3  However, all the others to whom everything is more precious than to seek your eternal destination and to acquire the means to reach that goal, I, as your Father and future Judge, advice you: leave the world and its temporary pleasuresand return to Me in word and deed, as long as there is still time. For it will not be long anymore till My patience will be exhausted and you will experience the judgment of My wrath. For you know from the Scripture how terrible it is to fall into the hands of the living God. Also, I say to you: verily, verily, Heaven and Earth will perish but My Words will not perish.
4  When I lived in My earthly body among your human children on Earth I gathered around Me sinners and tollcollectors who were considered to be the most despicable people at that time. Therefore I was despised and hated by the great and prominent so that I received the name of being a cunning agitator of the people and even a secret sinner. But I did not come to the Earth for the sake of the righteous ones but for the sake of those whose spirit is sick and for the sinners for whom I offered My life and blood.
5  My friends who remained faithful to Me stood around Me at the time of My crucifixion, as well as a big crowd, filled with malicious delight. Scornfully laughing they shouted: “He helped others before, now He cannot help Himself!” This strengthened the others in their belief that I was not God but rather a criminal who was abandoned by God.
6  I however spoke in the fear of My earthly flesh from the cross to the bystanders 7 words in the old Hebrew language of which there is not a correct explanation up to the present day (1863). Therefore, My mercy brought Me to repeat them, and this with the correct explanation of their meaning, for the future (this means the present) times and in this way to reveal their true sense to the people who are of good will.
7  After I had suffered for a long period of time and with much pain which I had to endure by the tormentors who did not spare their efforts, the high priests saw that I might die before they could have cooled down their vengeance and rage on Me, and they tried to receive the death sentence as soon as possible from the highest Roman Court in order to still be able to taste of the joy to see Me die as painfully as possible. When the message of My death sentence arrived which said that I had to be crucified, My enemies rejoiced loudly and they tried to carry out their work as soon as possible.
8  When finally My execution took place, My friends, who secretly hid themselves among the people, came to the cross to comfort Me. But the evil crowd wanted to chase them away, and only after the mediation of Pilate it was possible for My mother as well as for John, My favorite disciple, and still a few other women to come close to the cross and in this way to be present at My physical death.


1  Wen the cruel tormentors robbed My clothes and naked they tied My hands and feet to the wood and also pierced them with many blunt nails, it happened that My tortured body sighed and said: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This was the first important word that I spoke in My grief regarding and future humanity and their sins.
2  When I was thus raised on the cross, My body covered with blood and dust, looked so pitiful that it even  touched the heart of the enemies who were present. But I saw that it was only a temporary feeling, and their compassion was not for Me but only their sense of beauty was upset. Therefore I said: “I thirsty.” But the tormentors did not know what I meant with these words, namely that I was thirsty for the salvation of so many souls whom I saw perishing while they were living in an illusion. And so, in order to torment Me even more, they gave Me gall mixed with vinegar to drink which I however despised.
3  Right at that moment the whole nature trembled and the order of the elements was disrupted. The sun, as the example of the eternal light, lost its shine, as a sign that the human beings in their spiritual blindness did not see that the deity withdrew under My body’s mortal cover, submitting the body to physical death. This is why I spoke the words: “My God, My God, why have You left Me?”
4  It was not another God outside of Me to whom I called out, but to the deity in Me – God’s Spirit and initial Power in its full magnitude. For only My physical cover was – just like with the human children – taken from the dust of the earth. And this also had to subdue itself in Me (to suffering and death). Therefore, matter, being left alone, was seeking for help. This in order to show that every human being on Earth should only seek God’s help.
5  The time was coming that I, when I felt more and more weak, entrusted My soul to My heavenly Father. Then I saw My mother Mary who was so kind and faithful to Me, as well as My disciple John (who was also My secret writer), standing under the cross, and she was saddened unto death. And I spoke to both of them, saying the meaningful words: “Mary, see your son.” And to John: “See your mother.” With these words I indicated that in a way I was making My testament and thereby entrusting the children of the world to the Spirit of God and appointed Mary as mother of the weak and sick souls in the flesh.
6  When it was 3 hour according to the Jewish calendar, the time of My physical death came near, and a trembling for death went through My bones. At that moment I saw the criminal Dismas who had been tied to a cross together with Me and longingly directed his eyes towards Me. Full of mercy I looked at him and I promised him that he would “still today be with Me in Paradise.”
7  After My ascension this word has until now given cause for many interpretations. The only correct one however is that every human soul after his physical death, to the measure of his completion, will come in a lower or higher degree of light and that even souls who already had done penance on this side for all the things that are of the Earth will at first only be able to reach paradise or the lower degree of bliss, for no soul can come in the highest bliss into the Heaven of Love before he is entirely purified. And so Dismas, through his love and trust in Me, had reached the first degree and it became possible to promise him Paradise.
8  I was already dying when I spoke the words: “Father, in Your hands I command My Spirit”. This is also a word that is difficult to understand for many people. Because why should I, God Himself, command My Spirit in the hand of a God outside of Me? For this would mean that there are two gods. But this is not the case, and no one should be mistaken about this. Let everyone understand it this way: that only the outer cover (the soul) of My inner divine Spirit spoke these words, and these words should be understood precisely as what I formerly said during My life on Earth, saying about Myself: “I, the Son of man, say to you this or that”. In precisely the same way the life-force of the soul of My earthly body spoke on the cross the words: “Father, in Your hands I command My Spirit.”
9  When the soul felt compelled to leave the body, I became weaker. And the people who stood around Me had a malicious delight and mocked Me. But I had to drink the cup unto the last drop and foresaw also that the yelling crowd would not be moved by My pain and struggle for death. And so I said, when the last moment of My earthly life had come, the last word on Earth: “It is accomplished.”
10  O people, if only you were capable to understand this word. If you would completely understand what it means that God’s Son has accomplished the great work of salvation for the whole of humanity, then not one soul would perish. But sin came into the world through Adam, and therefore, as long as a being has to go through the earthly life by means of the flesh, sin and physical death will be part of the human children. And the power of evil and of Satan in matter was therefore (not completely taken away but) only broken by God’s Son and His intercession.
11  (Now it is up to every soul, through faith and love, to follow the Mediator – in all humility and determination – the way that has been opened. And so the work of salvation will also be accomplished for you, child of men.)


1  After this My last word I died, or rather: My soul stepped out of matter and unified himself with My Initial Spirit, who was the eternal Spirit of God.
2  And I descended to the place where the souls of the patriarchs were waiting for the hour of salvation, for no creature could enter the peace of Heaven before the justice of God was reconciled by the great work of love of salvation. So I freed the way again that was originally given to all beings but was once destroyed by the fall of the angels.
3  Adam had to repair that way again and had to lead the solidified matter, which enveloped all spiritual life, back to its beginning, for which reason the freedom of will was given to him. But he lost that freedom again by the sin of disobedience against God and fell again with all descendants ever deeper into judgment and death out of which there was forever no more hope for salvation. Then appeared the infinite Mercy and Love of the Eternal as Mediator and the Son of man, covered in the matter of the Earth, to free His creatures and lead them back to their fist and eternal destination.
4  When I hung on the cross, according to the prescribed Jewish law, the hour had come on which the bodies of the
3 criminals, among also I was counted, had to be taken off the cross, for it was the time of the days of rest when nobody was allowed to remain on the spot of execution. Then came My friends, who were mostly Romans and Greeks – also a few Jews were among them as My secret followers of My teaching – and they wanted to show their love for Me for the last time on Earth.
5  They bought My body from the supreme governor to be able to put it in the grave. And so with mockery and scorn of the Jewish people I was taken off the cross by the few friends who still remained faithful to Me. And My mother, who was saddened unto death, fell before Me on the ground. And when she saw her child, mutilated, bleeding and dead, she took My head on her lab under intense lamenting and countless tears.
6  You are asking what about the wound in My side that I forget to mention. Do not worry about that, for this injury was only inflicted upon Me when I already had left My earthly body, and it was only the arbitrary act of a merciful soldier who thought that I was perhaps still in a powerless deadly struggle. Through that, he wanted to deliver Me earlier from My terrible suffering. And by that he received, at the same moment that his spear pierced My heart, the mercy that his heart felt a unique pain. And he understood whose heart he had pierced.


1  Wnen I, meaning My covering, was carried away to the grave that was located at quite a distance from the city of Jerusalem and belonged to the high priest Nicodemus. After they added a lot of aromatic herbs to My body according to eastern customs, they enveloped it in white linen cloths and laid it down in the grave. And My friends stood around Me, crying and lamenting. The faithful souls were filled with a heartrending grief when they thought that they had seen Me for the last time on Earth. And they returned while their soul was deeply saddened – this was already mentioned in the account of My suffering.
2  Here in this writing will only be mentioned My death and the predictions which will now soon come true and which were pointed out to the blind people by the 7 words. Because now the time has come in which I will transform these words into deeds.
3  After I was laying 2 days in the grave to fulfill the Scripture, the time had come for My glorification and resurrection. And when the morning of the third day had come it happened that I, liberated from the bands of death and uniting the soul with the spiritualized body, ascended to My heavenly Father or Initial Spirit, and I gloriously arose as conqueror of death and Satan.
4 It happened during the first hours of the morning that I appeared in the garden to Mary of Magdalon who was deeply in sorrow and wanted to visit Me in the grave. When she saw Me she fell overly rejoiced with tears of love at My feet and could hardly be calmed down. O how much joy gives such a love.
5  On that day I also appeared to a few of My disciples, as well as to My mother Mary. Now finally the time had come that, after the fulfillment of My offering of death that was imposed to Me by the heavenly Father, I had still time and opportunity to speak to My friends and explain to them the importance and the meaning of My bitter suffering and death. No account could be found anywhere in the world up to now of what I discussed with My disciples during that time till My ascension, since only something was mentioned in the letters of Paul to the Ephesians which is almost the same as My teaching when I was on Earth in the spiritual body.
6  When I saw that My disciples recognized Me and adhered to Me just like before, I brought them together in an inn outside of the city and spoke with them about My death and My resurrection as well as about My coming ascension to the Father. My friends were very saddened when they heard that I would leave them forever. But I comforted them and promised them to send a Comforter that would strengthen them and would lead them in all truth. With this comfort they finally were all satisfied.
7  Then I still instructed My favorite John about all the things that will happen to the nations in the long course of time. I also told him to put everything into writing what I would reveal to him regarding the future. This also happened. However, through later wars and conquests of the nations all those writings became lost.
8  So listen and write again what I find good to reveal to you.


1  A free will has been given to every human being to do what is good or evil, and with that to acquire bliss or on the other hand damnation. But God is omniscient and foresees the periods of time of eons as if they are 1 second. Therefore, the deity saw already in the beginning, at the fall of the first human pair, what disaster sin would bring, and what kind of wars, diseases and countless many other forms of evil would result of this in the course of time for the descendants in the far future.Ž
2  In order to save in any case the human children from eternal death, there was no other way for the merciful love of the deity than to break the bands of eternal death by the incarnation of the eternal Word and the death of the One who became Man (Jesus). However, the temporary forms of evil are by that not abolished, for the consequence of sin is inevitably a punishment. And oh, in what kind of sea of sins and vices did men sink away by now.
3  When I, the Savior, was hanging on the cross, bleeding and dying for mankind, I spoke those 7 meaningful words because I saw the full dimension of their guilt and the consequences thereof, and now I will once more explain them for the salvation of the people.
4  The first word that I then spoke: “Lord, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” was not so much in relation to the blind Jews, but much more to those descendants who, after accepting My teaching and carrying My name, would in later times build temples for Me. Although I taught them that My Kingdom is not of this word, these people attached themselves so much to the earthly matter that My statement that I once spoke to the rich son of a Pharisee: ‘Truly, I say to you: it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom’ applied completely to them.
5  My teaching speaks about humility, meekness and tolerance for the weaknesses of fellowman. But oh, how seldom is this teaching applied. Exactly those who should be My disciples and carry My name are nowadays full of hate against their brothers who fell a prey to human weakness.
6  Did I not pray that all men should help one another as good brothers and sisters? But how seldom do they listen to this. Murder, robbery, quarrel and manslaughter, because My heavenly teaching is not observed, are all too visible, and in stubborn and arrogant disobedience they more or less lead even the better people to their downfall.
7  The second word is: “I thirsty”. O certainly I was thirsty there and still am thirsty for so many souls who in their illusion are going to ruin and who only seek their salvation in their worldly pleasures and who neither care about God nor about eternity.
8  But woe, woe, to such worldly people. A terrible judgment will break loose over them because the measure of their sins is more than full and only a short time is still given to them. And when also this will expire they will be removed from the book of the living.
9  You ask Me in your thoughts that I each time threaten and still do not determine a time for My chastisement? On this I say to you and all who have ears to hear: this is now precisely because I as your Father and eternal judge want to give every soul sufficient time and opportunity to acquire eternal salvation and so that no soul on the day of judgment can use the excuse by saying that his life was shortened.
10  My third word was: “My God, My God, why have You left Me?” Even My friends interpreted this word as a human weakness and they asked themselves why when I formerly pretended to be God, now in My agony of death I call to God, thinking that He had left Me.
11  O you nearsighted human beings. Do you not realize that only the Spirit in Me was God but the cover of the flesh on the other hand existed out of weak matter and, just like your bodies, had to be subjected to pain and suffering? For what would have been the merit if I – in this (human, weak and imperfect) cover – would have taken away the great guilt of men because matter in Me had to be obedient even unto the death on the cross?
12  Just like I Myself in My third word will once, on the great day of judgment, call out those who during their life were never or very little concerned about Me or My word. But when the time of mercy will be over, then no shout for mercy or compassion, no matter how loud it sounds, will be able to help.
13  Because look around you and you will see how the world makes progress in the field of worldly sciences, arts and new discoveries. People examine the most secret powers of nature, and I allow that all My works are subjected to them since I created everything beautifully and to be of benefit for My children. But for what purpose are they using all their sciences? Only to enrich themselves with worldly treasures and to indulge in their pride and audacity. By that the wealthy forget completely their poor brothers who fall ever deeper in all kinds of need and misery, and in their lamentation they call to Me for help and mercy.
14  Then why would I not take care of My poor children and save them from their heavy yoke of spiritual and physical slavery? And how would I then be able to give mercy and compassion to those who do not know mercy and compassion themselves?
15  The fourth word: “Mary, see your son, and you, son, see your mother.” I did not actually speak this for My mother because I knew that My disciples would not leave My physical mother alone. But by that I rather wanted to show in a way what kind of love I carried in My heart for My children. I wanted to advice them all to trust the merciful love of God that was symbolically compared with the love of a mother. And with ‘son’ was meant the children of men who can make themselves worthy by the strict observation of My teaching.
16 But where among the people can one find the strict observation of My so simple teaching which is so much benefit for the salvation of the soul. Only a few of all My children are still observing half of My will. The others are either too entangled in their haughtiness or they are too much surrounded by too many worldly worries to care for My Word. So My divine teaching has developed into almost an illusory teaching or a traditional custom, and by that sin is dominating among the people.
17  Therefore, it is the highest time to in all earnest bring back My children on the right way again. But unfortunately this is not possible anymore with soft means, but only with all the severity of the judgment. For also the proverb says: ‘The one who does not want to listen, must feel’. This is why, to prevent the peoples, in their excessive blindness, from letting them completely sink down towards eternal death, I will have to let break out a serious chastisement over them.
18  I have warned and am still warning every individual person and whole nations in general through diseases, the failing of their worldly speculations, wars, inflations and such like. In the past and at present I allowed that people, by their stubbornness, inflict to themselves and often on both sides, the greatest possible damage. And often all this is still in vain. People look for the causes of all those bad situations anywhere else, but instead of blaming themselves, in their sinful state they blame Me, their humble and tolerant God.
19  O blind people. How long must I still look at your foolish conduct? Do you perhaps think in your illusion that you can defy Me, your Lord and God? Woe unto you. In times of need for help you will raise your hands to Me in vain. When the time of mercy is over, then I will close My ears for your shouting and be deaf for your pleas, for you know that it is not enough to call out ‘Lord, lord’, but that it is important to always righteously walk on My ways that I have shown you if you want to be part of My mercy.
20  Now we come to the explanation of the fifth word that I have spoken on the cross. These words of comfort: “Even today you will be with Me in Paradise” I spoke to Dismas who hung at the cross at the right side of Me. However, these words were not only meant for him, but for everyone who accepts My teaching and lives according to it. Why I promised Dismas onlym Paradise and not Heaven I already made clear at the beginning of this booklet. Soon the time will come when only a few will be able to only acquire Paradise, for it is allowed by Me that people in their free will can do everything they want. And before the time of My great judgment will come, even evil spirits are given the freedom to turn to the initial Light for their conversion and return (by which of course the good angels are given the assignment to protect My children and to keep them from the traps of the Satan). Then the word will be fulfilled “There will come a time when, if it were allowed, even the believing would turn away”.
21  What kind of time will that be, will you ask? And I say to you: this is a time of pride, arrogance, stinginess, sexual perversion, prostitution in all kinds of forms, which keeps all nations in its grip and which makes them sink ever deeper in their pool of sins out of which eternally no return can be expected without My help.
22  With My sixth word: “Father, in Your hands I command My Spirit” I wanted in a way to give all children of men the nice example that the soul has to return to his initial Source and that man should organize his life and live in such a way that at the end of his earthly course of life he can entrust his soul to his heavenly Father with joy and under praisings.
23  Then I spoke My last word: “It is accomplished.” Yes, it was accomplished, the great work of salvation. But how to how much benefit has it been for the many thousands and thousands of souls, even when, through My death and mediation, they also were delivered from the original sin (but did not follow Me in spirit and in deeds)? Heaven was opened for them, but through their sinfulness, living without love and repentance, they drew again eternal damnation to themselves.Ž
24  Children of men, as My first and last word I say to you again in the full earnest of My love:
25  Repent. Return to your Lord and God in word and deed. Stop your usury and remember your poor brothers who beg for your mercy in vain. Remember the widows and orphans. And speak righteously to those who are immature.
26  For it is written: “With the measure with which you measure, so will you also be measured.” Let the fate of former generations be a warning to you. As long as they remained faithful to God they were successful and happy, but when they began only to trust themselves God turned away from those nations, and whole kingdoms were wiped out from the face of the Earth.


1 Now OW the 7 words were spoken again, and also their meaning has been revealed to you so that mankind can hear them and act accordingly.
2  But now you ask in your heart: “Lord, how many will hear nothing of these words? Must they perish because they will be without any warning or knowledge of Your words?”
3  Then listen to what I reply to this: no human being, no matter from what religion he may be, can say that he never has
received a warning, either in words, in a teaching or by different trials in his life. To every individual it is pointed out that he was not only created for this world but that there is another eternal life following this short earthly life which can be really beneficial and give the soul a happy eternity.
4  In conclusion listen to the last admonition that I announce to you here and take it to heart:
5  Watch and pray, so that you will not come into temptation, for you do not know neither the day nor the hour on which your Lord will come. And woe unto those if He will find them unprepared.
6  The day will not last long anymore. Evening will come and the time of judgment is at the door. He who will still in time
turn to Me with remorse, love and humility, him I will save and remove from the number of those who are rejected before My face. So everyone is free to turn to Me or to throw himself blindly into eternal ruin.
7  So hurry. Time flies by. The fig tree is already blooming as a sign that the winter (or the time of the spiritual sleep) is over and spring (or the time of the awakening from sin and delusion) has come and the people and nations are called for the judgment to give account of their actions and way of life.
8  I, the Lord, the Eternal and Infinite, tell you, children of men, that I have decided in My eternal decree to visit the world – this means the evil children of men who left Me and became unfaithful – with all kinds of plagues so that they may wake up from their sinful sleep.
9  If they want to come back, then this will be very good. However, if they want to be against Me in the evilness and stubbornness of their heart, then, in the zeal of My justice, I will not wait any longer and burn them as withered straw.
10  Because the children of My love are in need and call loudly to Me for help and mercy. And I, as an eternal loyal Father of all those who put their trust and hope upon Me, I no longer want to let them languish under the evilness of the enemies of the Light and of the eternal Truth from the Heavens.
11  Although the signs of My return on Earth are increasing, the end has not been reached yet. And as long as the Earth will not be purified from all the evil weed, I will not appear.
12  But do not become discouraged by that, My children, and do not become afraid. Even if I am still not visibly with You, I nevertheless say to you: truly, I am spiritually always with you and strengthen and comfort you in spirit.
13  So wait quietly and in full trust for the time, or till the full light will have developed itself from the darkness of the night, and you will see the rising of the sun of My glory that will enlighten and warm all hearts forever.
14  May this announcement of your Lord and Father Jesus be an encouragement to you to faithfully persevere in your work.